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Our Mission

The mission of ISJ Academy is developing Christ-centered students and families for life and eternity.

We provide students with a rigorous and innovative curriculum in a faith-based environment that allows them to learn and share about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while at the same time equipping them with the important life skills they need to succeed in the real world.  

Our Philosophy


Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School, under the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and the doctrinal confessions of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, is dedicated to continuing the day school ministry sponsored by our two congregations -- Immanuel Lutheran Church and St. James Lutheran Church.


ISJ is founded on the principle that all knowledge begins in reverence to the Lord, and in keeping with the realization that we are saved to serve in His Kingdom. ISJ seeks to develop the talents and abilities of its students with a quality education while nurturing their faith and willingness to lead others into the family of Christ.


Our History


In 1859 Immanuel Lutheran Church started a school as a way to provide children with the opportunity for a christian education.  Then in 1973, Immanuel Lutheran Church joined its school with the school at St. James Lutheran to form what is now Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School.  The two churches recognized the importance of providing students with an education that was founded on their faith.  Working together, Immanuel and St. James have supported ISJ for over 40 years.  


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever.  Hebrews 13:8.


Just as Jesus is the same, the mission of Immanuel-St. James has remained the same since its beginning which is to provide families with a place to send their children that will provide them with a strong education while also connecting them to Jesus.


Now, over 155 years later, ISJ is one of the oldest christian schools in Grand Rapids!  Founded on faith and the conviction that children need a christian education, Immanuel and St. James Lutheran Churches continue to provide Grand Rapids with a Lutheran School that combines quality academics while connecting children to Jesus through faith-based curriculum, prayer, and service opportunities.

Our Values


ISJ is committed to providing an atmosphere and curriculum which allows students to learn about Jesus while also offering students a variety of ways in which they can share their faith with others in their family and community.


ISJ values:

  • High academic standards

  • Biblical principles incorporated into classroom studies

  • Experienced, committed and caring teachers and staff

  • Family atmosphere

  • Affordable tuition

  • Small student to teacher ratio

  • Safe and secure campus

  • Christ-centered character development


ISJ is focused on preparing students for life. ISJ provides teachers with training which allows them to use a variety of teaching methods to meet the individual needs of the students. Technology is an important part of the classroom. Teachers and students use technology as an additional tool in the learning process.
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