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Prospective Families

Welcome and thank you for your interest in ISJ Lutheran Academy.

Immanuel Lutheran Church and St. James Lutheran Church joined together in 1973 to create Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School, which serves as the primary mission for both churches.


ISJ celebrates the uniqueness of each child. We believe each child is a special gift from God with unique talents and abilities. The teachers and staff are dedicated to helping students develop their gifts, their faith, and their character.


ISJ understands children learn differently. As such we provide small class sizes, we have a curriculum that allows our teachers to individualize learning, we have access to the most up-to-date technology, and we employ a variety of innovative teaching methods to address the different learning styles of each student. Our focus is on providing students with the resources that they need to be successful during and after school.


We have programs for children starting at age 3 through 8th grade. The Early Childhood Development programs offer multiple scheduling options, including a toddler program, and year-round child care. All of our programs offer a comprehensive Christian curriculum, ideal class sizes that are led by innovative teachers. We also have athletics, a music and performing arts program.


ISJ is about family. Families are an important part of a student's success in school. Teachers desire to work with the student and their family to be able to provide the best opportunities for success. We ask our families to volunteer for at least 30 hours each year, which allows parents and grandparents to be a part of the learning environment. Through our Parent Teacher League and various activities, our parents work together to build relationships that foster the family atmosphere the makes up Immanuel-St. James.


Because both congregations, alumni, and other school supporters provide significant financial and spiritual support for the school, ISJ is able to provide a tuition rate that is significantly lower than many of the other schools in the area.


I invite you to come visit our campus to see all that ISJ has to offer. To learn more or to schedule a tour of either campus please call us at 616.363.0505.


God Bless,

ISJ Academy

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